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ConSol Partners has specialised in providing market leading permanent, contract and project-based recruitment solutions since 2008. With our headquarters located in London, our consulting services are customised to accelerate innovation, enabling growth for your business. Through working with us, your company has access to the talent and technology skills that are required to be competitive in the market. Our team of dedicated consultants’ partner with you to discover roles that are key in driving innovation and match your ambition, ensuring you find the most fulfilling opportunities. We connect you with the right positions to provide limitless potential for your future.


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At ConSol Partners, we prioritise the relationships we make with our clients, candidates, team members and network. Our relationship-led approach ensures we successfully match the right talent to our clients and the perfect role to all our candidates. As one of the leading London recruitment agencies, the talent solutions we provide will accelerate innovation, expand your business and benefit your bottom line. We possess a wide-spanning network of professionals providing you access to the talent and technology necessary to drive business growth. Our teams help your company reach its full potential and assist you in reaching business goals. Whether you are looking for talent or searching for your next role, use our specialised experts to accelerate the growth in your company or in your career.

  • ​“The candidate submission to hire ratio was 75%, which far exceeded our expectations. 100% of the offers of employment we made were then subsequently accepted. ConSol Partners’ understanding of our business and the challenges we faced in identifying and on-boarding hard to find valuable skills was exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend ConSol Partners.”



  • “We have worked with ConSol Partners for over four years and during that time they have delivered a highly professional and results-orientated service. We have found that what distinguishes ConSol Partners from other recruitment partners is there focus on understanding their clients industry, their clients specific role requirements and their consultative approach.”

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  • "​ConSol Partners has placed over 110 candidates across multiple European & US office locations. Successes include the key hires of VP Central Europe, Head of Southern European Services and Senior Director Product Management. Submission versus interview ratio is above 75%. They have proved to be our most reliable recruitment provider with their professional service and friendly demeanour."



  • ConSol has completed multiple hiring assignments across many locations. Successes include: Enterprise Account Executives – London, New York, Australia, Austin, Florida Federal Account Executive – Washington D.C Channel Sales Manager – London Sales Development EMEA – U.K Implementation Engineer EMEA - LondonConSol has been a true global recruiting partner, placing some key candidates who have been instrumental in Vbrick’s continued success. ConSol has a strong understanding of the Enterprise Video/ Collaboration industry enabling them to quickly source high-calibre candidates which makes our process streamlined and efficient. ConSol has been very effective in helping to drive our recruiting efforts and have demonstrated a strong level of service. I would not hesitate to recommend their recruiting services, in particular Michael Wisbey has been an excellent recruiting partner.


  • "​ConSol Partners has aided Brightcove with our EMEA expansion, placing some of our first people in the region and forging strong relationships. They have been very effective in helping to drive our recruiting efforts, demonstrating a strong level of service and a friendly demeanour. We highly recommend them."



  • ConSol Partners’ have supported EclecticIQ with our EMEA & North American expansion. We have found them to be a valuable partner having successfully placed requirements across all our core technology and commercial business functions. Having engaged with a number of other recruitment agencies, we have found the team at ConSol Partners’ to be a cut above the rest. They have acted as a true partner and feel like an extension of the EclecticIQ team, articulating our journey, ambition and core values. ConSol Partners’ ability to regularly provide highly vetted candidates based on our niche requirements ensures an efficient process for all parties. In parallel, the insight they provide into the candidate landscape is extremely useful when making strategic decisions. As a result, we have trusted them with some of our most crucial hires. In summary, ConSol Partners’ have proven themselves to be our most valued recruitment partner and I highly endorse them. ​​​

    Electric IQ

  • ​“Working with ConSol Partners has been a smooth process from start to finish. We initially partnered with them on a position which was particularly difficult to fill, and not only did they really understand what we needed but they gave us guidance and recommendations throughout the process, really taking time to ensure we got the best hire. We have engaged with ConSol on many searches since.”

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  • ConSol has completed multiple hiring assignments across many locations. Some of the successes include the key hires of: GM, EMEA – London Area Vice President, EMEA (West, Central) – Chicago Enterprise Account Executive – New York, Toronto, London, L.A, Minnesota, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia Solutions Engineer – LondonCustomer Success Director EMEA - LondonConSol has aided NS1 with our global expansion, placing some of our first people in region and forging strong relationships with key hiring managers. ConSol continues to be our most productive partners and we enjoy meeting them regularly in London, Boston & New York. In summary, ConSol has been very effective in helping to drive our recruiting efforts and have demonstrated a strong level of service and a professional approach. I highly recommend them.


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