With over 15 years in the industry, ConSol Partner recognises that Technology evolves as quickly as the people who have crafted a career in it.

We understand how critical to your companies development securing the best talent is. The best talent drives innovation and growth. It starts with having a team that can drive innovation and create growth.

ConSol Partners have built an amazing 15 year reputation operating tirelessly to deliver the right talent at the right time. We not only work in partnership with our clients not only to source the right skill set but the right mindset. The mindset that will innovate and drive your business to a new level.

Bespoke technology recruitment solutions

Being part of a global group but operating as a local suppler we can create, offer and deliver agile tailored recruitment solutions for our clients. From a one off project resource request through to full project ownership and delivery with our consulting offerings and everything in between.

We have an agile and scalable model that can be crafted to your needs. Our solution led approach derives from our name ConSol from Consulting and Partners is just that. We seek to be considered a partner for our clients. The solutions we provide include project services, statement of works SOWs, RPO, project delivery, onsite recruitment and virtual talent acquisition.

Our global network

Headquartered in London, with additional offices in Los Angeles and Austin, since 2008 we forged, developed and nurtured relationships with a global network of accessible technology led talent. This combined with our expert level knowledge in technology and candidates will give you an advantage in acquiring new talent. We strive to maintain relationships with both clients as well as active and passive candidates. With this investment we can source talent effectively.It allows us to know what motivates our candidates to change in what is and has been for many years a candidate short market. Our relationships set us aside as our candidates and of course clients trust us and trust we know that the role will be right for them.

Our sector specialisms

By working in very specialist Niche markets within the technology sector we become masters of the markets we operate in. We understand the tech, we understand our client’s needs and we understand that candidates are right for you. Our Niche market teams can deliver, Contract Permanent and project based (SOW) resource to suit your needs.

 ConSol operates across a variety of disciplines including: