ConSol Partners’ IOT & Emerging Technologies division has been providing exceptional service to leading companies since 2008. Our consultants have extensive experience to understand the challenges and opportunities throughout the IOT & Emerging Technologies division ensuring we accelerate innovation within your business through the talent we prove. During the current industry transformation, human capital is your best asset. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the IOT & Emerging Technologies industry to streamline your recruitment process and continuously discover the best talent in the market. Our agile hands-on approach to search and select will provide you with a competitive advantage in one of the most demanding divisions. We have a wide pool of candidates spanning across Robotics, Process Automation, RPA, smart technology and SME.

The IOT division is exponentially expanding. It is breaking into every industry around the world. Discovering top talent is oftentimes challenging due to the extensive number of verticals in the divisions. Our consultants' customised approach ensures we meet all of your requirements and surpass expectations. As the IOT market further expands, ConSol has the experience and network to keep you ahead of the curve. We possess a deep pool of candidates readily available for a wide selection of contract and permanent roles. ConSol understands the importance of human capital and has the capability to scale under demanding timelines even in those hard-to-fill roles.

Emerging technology covers a wide variety of industries. Our expert consultants are entrenched in the market, knowing the ins and outs to cover all facets of your business. The collaborative approach our teams take prioritises understanding the full extent of your specific needs from small and quick to large and complex. Our team maintains a global network of both passive and active candidates who are on the hunt for both contract and permanent roles. We hire staff that will meet all requirements on paper and will also fit into your culture.

On the hunt for new IOT or Emerging Technologies permanent team members? We have access to market-leading talent. Look through our permanent recruitment offerings to learn more or contact us today.

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