ConSol Partners’ Semiconductors & Embedded Systems division has been providing exceptional service to leading companies since 2008. Our consultants are experts on the Semiconductors & Embedded Systems sector ensuring we source the best talent in the market to accelerate innovation. Our consultants have a deep understanding of the Semiconductors & Embedded Systems industry to continuously discover the best talent in the market. We partner with companies to hire staff that will fill the roles related to semiconductors, embedded software, robotics, biotech, medical devices, imaging, machine learning, natural language, processing and deep learning.

Semiconductor jobs have driven many of the disruptions in our newly connected world. Over that time, we have continued to place candidates in roles that forge those critical changes in leading tech companies across the nation. Since 2008, we have placed candidates in a variety of positions from the project manager side all the way through to the sales side. Our consultants know the Semiconductor division inside out. The global network our team has built, provides you with an advantage in your search for top talent. We know the skills that you are looking for and how to search and secure talent that will qualify. Whether you are looking for a contract or permanent candidates, work with us to take the next step in progressing your company.

Our Embedded Systems division is recognised as leading in the market. We accredit our success to our expert level consultants who always know where the demand for Embedded Systems talent and understand how fulfill those demands for your company. Over the course of our experience in the Embedded Systems division, we have developed a large spanning network of skilled candidates. Our consultants take the time to thoroughly understand your business needs and acquire candidates that will drive business growth. Through working with us, you can rest assured knowing we have your best interest at top of mind.

On the hunt for new Semiconductors or Embedded Systems permanent team members? We have access to market leading talent. Look through our permanent recruitment offerings to learn more or contact us today.

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