Analog IC Design Engineer

High Speed Analog IC Design Senior Engineer
Cambridge, UK

Job Summary

  • Responsible for design of ultra-high-speed analog/mixed-signal ICs for optical communication systems, including data converter, driver, TIA, and clock.
  • Responsible for system or block level specification breakdown, design constraints and testing solutions for different circuit blocks or modules.
  • Cooperate with fabrication process engineering team to improve the device performance, ensure IC quality, reliability and yield.


  • Rich experiences and strong abilities of circuit design based on advanced CMOS, SiGe, GaAs and other HBT(heterojunction bipolar transistor) processes.
  • Master with more than 5 years industrial experiences on high-speed or high-frequency IC development, or PhD.
  • Familiar with semiconductor fabrication process including CMOS and compound HBTs.
  • Multi-site team management and collaboration.
  • Willing to travel overseas if necessary.