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Akshay Patel

  • Position: Delivery Consultant

Hi! I'm Akshay Patel, and my journey with the LMA team began in November 2022. It started my journey into the professional world, and my Indian family background provided me with a unique ability to connect with certain candidates and clients effectively.

My academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Commerce, where I developed a keen interest in the relational aspects of the field. This passion led me to choose a career in candidate recruitment, recognizing the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships in this industry.

Working at LMA has been a rich learning experience, and I'm dedicated to continuous self-improvement, with a strong desire to expand my horizons beyond the confines of a single specialization. Beyond my professional aspirations, I'm an ardent fan of cricket and football. During my free time, I actively engage in both sports, not only as a fan but also as a player, ensuring I stay connected to these games.