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  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago
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ConSol Partners Apprentice - Work For Us

Friday 2nd October saw our consultants spill on to London’s streets to undertake a series of mystery assignments as part of our annual Apprentice challenge afternoon.

The game, modelled on the famous British television series, The Apprentice, and this year designed by our Office Management and L&D teams, led the consultants to various parts of The City and Shoreditch, where they used teamwork, efficiency and pure, unadulterated common sense to try to arrive at their next destination – usually a little bar or pub – ahead of other teams, solving clues and completing tasks on their way.

There was a Selfie Challenge – taking a team selfie with as many members of the public as possible – and a Scavenger Hunt – collecting and buying an assortment of obscure objects, including an insect, beans and a clothes peg. These were just two of the tasks that the teams had to complete in order to progress to the next challenge.

The mystery assignments were met with enthusiasm by all teams, who, by the nature of their jobs, were competitive ‘til the very end. Upon completion of the afternoon’s adventures, the teams were greeted with beers and fried chicken in the final pub; the icing on the cake for many consultants.

One of ConSol Partners’ several team outings throughout the year, The Apprentice is always looked upon fondly by our staff. Steph, Account Manager in ConSol Partners’ Cloud Division, said of it:
“The Apprentice is one of the highlights of the social calendar at ConSol – a really fun and eventful day! It was great to be in a group with people who you don’t usually work with day-to-day as well, which is what I enjoyed the most”.

Other ConSol Partners social activities have included a dodge-ball afternoon, a Christmas dinner/drinks night, monthly nights out, and Directors’ Lunches and global trips (Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dubai were recent destinations!) for outstanding performers.

If this sounds like your idea of a great work day out, why not join the fun?
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ConSol Partners Apprentice - Work For Us