ConSol Partners’ Automotive & Autonomous Driving division has been a leading recruitment agency since 2008. Our consultants are specialists, successfully placing talent to accelerate innovation within a variety of businesses panning around the globe. At ConSol, we provide customised recruitment solutions to construct innovative teams that continually outperform competitors. We partner with companies to fill the roles for functional safety, powertrain, ADAS, exteriors, robotics, lidar/radar, embedded software, sensors, computer vision and deep learning. Our expert consultants and global network mean we can successfully place talent to drive your business’s growth.

The automotive division has been around for a long time. It is one of the largest industries around the world. With our global network and market expertise, we are well equipped to acquire the right Automotive talent for your company. As the division continues to advance with technology, finding Automotive talent will become more competitive. Our Automotive consultants are entrenched in the market, possessing a deep knowledge of where to find top talent currently and also how to find it in the future. We recruit across a variety of positions within the Automotive division spanning from jobs involved in the design and development all the way through to marketing and selling. Whether you are looking for contract or permanent talent in this field, our consultants will find the people for you.

On the other hand, Autonomous Driving has not been around for long. That poses some challenges in the job market as well. Since it is a relatively new division, knowing where to look and how to find qualified talent can be difficult. Our consultants are seasoned in the Autonomous Driving division, providing you with an advantage in your job search. Autonomous Driving will only continue to expand and evolve. By working with us, you can be a driving force in that evolution.

On the hunt for new Automotive or Autonomous Driving permanent team members? We have access to market-leading talent. Look through our permanent recruitment offerings to learn more or contact us today.

Does your company currently need Automotive or Autonomous Driving Contract talent? ConSol will find the right contractors for you. Browse through our contract recruitment service to learn more or contact us today.